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21st Oct 2020, 02:13:44
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Please feel free to contact our support team via the Buy Purple support ticketing system at the bottom of this page. You will usually be contacted within 24 hours unless we are experiencing a very high demand for support.

Please note that your support ticket will be graded on a “low” to “Medium” to “High priority scale and will be dealt with accordingly.

Over two thirds of our customer enquiries via support ticket are not necessary and could easily be answered by viewing the Buy purple FAQ’s.

To help assist you with any questions you may have, please visit the FAQ page via the control panel. Alternatively please open a Buy Purple support ticket below.

If you are a new customer to our message / ticketing system, you will first need to enter your basic details before you can create a ticket to contact us.


Please read some of our common FAQ's before contacting us.


The item I purchased has not arrived yet.


Please review the item listing to check the postage detailed and allow time for the item to arrive.

Only after you have allowed the seller's specified time for the item to arrive, contact the seller requesting confirmation of postage and any tracking numbers.

If you do not receive the item please contact the seller and request a refund for the item. Alternatively contact your payment service provider i.e. credit card supplier or PayPal and open a case to request a refund.


The item is not as described by the seller.


Please contact the seller to request an exchange of the item or a full refund. Alternatively contact your payment service provider i.e. credit card supplier or PayPal and open a case to request a refund.


The successful buyer or seller is not answering my messages.


Please leave appropriate feedback for the user. If a user receives multiple negative feedbacks in a row we will automatically be alerted to this and will review the user’s membership at Buy Purple.

We monitor all negative feedback and will take appropriate action.

Please see advice above for refunds.


The auction fell through, how do I go about getting a refund for fees incurred?


You must have left Negative or Neutral feedback and reported the bidder as a NPB (non-paying bidder). If you have any other query regarding fee reviews, please provide us with the username, auction ID and the text of the feedback you have left them (if applicable) and we will review it.


My item(s) have been removed, why?


Your item may have been removed because it was is in breach of the Buy Purple listing rules policy. Please view the listing rules via the tool bar, then update your listing accordingly before re listing.


I cannot access my account.


You may have listed items that do not comply with our listing rules policy and has therefore been suspended. See our Terms and Conditions that you signed up to when you first registered via the registration page.

If you feel that you are being treated unfairly, please contact us below so that we can discuss the matter further.


How do I change my Buy Purple Password?


Click on “My control panel” which is at the top of every page, then select “My account” and Edit your personal profile”. At the bottom of the page there is a “Change password” section, enter your new password and “Save changes”.


I want to report an item


Occasionally, you might find an item that isn't allowed on Buy Purple, or a listing that does not follow the Buy Purple listing rules.  
If you see a suspicious listing, please tell us about it. You can do this by clicking on the “Report this listing" button that can be found at the top right of any listing.


Need help with postage?


When creating a listing on Buy Purple, you can check that you are charging the correct postage amount by clicking on the “Check shipping prices”. This can be found in “Sell an item” then “Shipping Details”. This is a direct link to the Royal Mail postage calculator website.


I would like to delete my account.


Please note that your account cannot be deleted while it is in debt. You must first settle your account and contact one of our Buy Purple support team via our ticketing system to request us to delete your account.


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Please provide as much detail as possible so we can best assist you. To update a previously submitted ticket, please login. We provide archives and history of all your current and past support requests complete with responses.

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